Sunday, January 19, 2014

Great News!

Finding a new podcast hosting site was a little bit like making a magic cake ball. It just kinda worked out after adding all the little bits together. I now have a new site and it is even magically linked to my iTunes feed. This means that those of you watching the podcast through iTunes will not notice any difference, that is unless you are behind on watching the podcast. Episodes 1-76 are now no longer on iTunes, but you can still watch them here on the blog. The little mini Episode 77 and on will be hosted through Podcast Garden and will so show up on iTunes. I will continue to upload the episodes to both Blip and Podcast Garden as long as I can so that I can post a copy here on the blog as well as send the episode to iTunes. So, now we are back as planned with the break until the end of February. See you guys then!

Episode 77