Saturday, May 31, 2014

Episode 81: Recap of Middle TN Fiber Fest and news about 2015 Into The Wool Fiber Fest

So my fellow crafters, I have some news. As of September 1st Blip is closing my account. So, now that I had things figured out I have to change plans again. I asked for my super genius computer geek brother's help (something I should have done months ago I guess) and he solved my predicament in minutes. So now I have a program to easily convert and get my podcast to iTunes, but no way to actually post it on the blog. I could upload to YouTube, but my files are too big. So what I will do is upload to Podcast Garden, which will get the podcast to iTunes and then I will post a link here to the actual Podcast Garden page in case you don't use iTunes. Hope that works for you folks.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Into the Wool Fiber Retreat

This past weekend I finally got my peace and my mojo back. My knitting once again feels inspired and my faith in wool has been restored.

I attended the Into the Woods Fiber Retreat hosted by Dana and Brittany of the Just One More Row podcast (Dana is also the genius behind Unwind Yarn Company found at and Jessica of Storied Yarns (who is sadly no longer dying yarn).

The retreat was held at Lake Frances Retreat in Crossville, TN. Its a serene place out in the woods that is more accustomed to hosting teenage gymnasts, but they handled us well. The atmosphere was comfortable and the food was lovely. The place was magically peaceful until it was taken over by almost 100 knitter who had way too much fun and while the weather was uncooperative and cold it gave us all opportunity to show off our beautiful knits.

I wish I had taken more pictures, but I was having too much fun to bother! Shame on me I know. I loved making new friends and visiting with old friends. I especially loved meeting a couple of Ravelry friends in person. Juliper and Tiggrgirl I love you two!

I don't pack light!
 Suzanne and Allie with many lovely faces in the background.
 Vanessa is the sweetest!
 Wendy is always a riot.
 Something was super funny.
 Jill and Suzanne enjoying the evening.
 Bye Bye Blowout.
 Eileen and Vanessa hanging out.
 My absolutely favorite photo from the retreat. Loved that we got photobombed!!!
 New friends and old.
 Marian was generous with her wine.
Loved Vanessa's magic cake ball shawl!
We found Julie! She'd been hiding from us in plain sight. 

If you have the opportunity to attend a retreat. Do it. If you want to enjoy one in the woods of Tennessee, join us next September 2015 for Into the Wool!!!!!!!