Saturday, May 31, 2014

Episode 81: Recap of Middle TN Fiber Fest and news about 2015 Into The Wool Fiber Fest

So my fellow crafters, I have some news. As of September 1st Blip is closing my account. So, now that I had things figured out I have to change plans again. I asked for my super genius computer geek brother's help (something I should have done months ago I guess) and he solved my predicament in minutes. So now I have a program to easily convert and get my podcast to iTunes, but no way to actually post it on the blog. I could upload to YouTube, but my files are too big. So what I will do is upload to Podcast Garden, which will get the podcast to iTunes and then I will post a link here to the actual Podcast Garden page in case you don't use iTunes. Hope that works for you folks.

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  1. Im so glad you got everything worked out, missed your podcast so much.